Our Mission & Values

At Cache, we have one ambitious mission: make biomolecules widely accessible and useful.

We believe that biomolecules are the new bits of the 21st century, and so harnessing the information stored in them will help usher the future of precision medicine and DNA data storage.

Our vision is to create a scalable and accessible platform for biomolecules with no limits on storage and retrieval by combining chemistry, biology, and computational tools.

To realize our mission and vision, we value the following at Cache:

Contagious curiosity. Our ambition is rooted in rigorous science and dependent on continuous innovation. We do not dismiss radical ideals and encourage playful experimentation.

Teamwork. We execute as a team and value the diversity of people and ideas. No one or no act is too small to make a difference.

Quality at the highest level. We seek enduring quality in everything that we do—from engineering, talent, and business decisions.

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