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Storing the biomolecules of today to unlock the possibilities of tomorrow.

In 2001, sequencing a human genome cost over $100 million USD. Twenty years later, this process costs less than $1,000 [NIH]. The rise of sequencing has led to the proliferation of biospecimen collections and many tools that promise to transform medicine, but access to these tools has been limited.

Until we can treat, test, and prevent every disease, there is more work to be done. Tools such as genome sequencing hold immense promise to reduce the diagnostic odyssey for patients with rare diseases, but only a small fraction worldwide has coverage and access to testing [Jobanputra et al. 2024].

Cache is addressing the structural barriers that limit our ability to leverage molecular insights. Research worldwide relies on precious biospecimens in an evolving multiomic landscape. Our team is bridging the gaps in clinical research by accelerating the translation of tomorrow's technologies for the patients of today.

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