biomolecules at unprecedented scales.


Our first-in-class technology enables unlimited storage and rapid retrieval.

Our patented storage system maintains the quality and integrity of nucleic acids forever without requiring energy and enables targeted retrieval of any sample subsets.
Reliable nucleic acid storage

Nucleic acids preserved inside a container a few microns wide.

Resistant to damage

Chemical encapsulation protects nucleic acids allowing storage in any medium without freezing.

Scalable and efficient

Reduction in footprint and zero energy cost for sustainable storage.

Standardized storage system

Our technology enables streamlined access to biospecimens.


The core engine for the genomics revolution and massive digital data storage.

From biobanks to archival data storage, we’re making biomolecules widely accessible and useful to accelerate insights to human health and create a more sustainable way to store and retrieve archival digital data.

Personalized Medicine & Genomics

Biobanks struggle to scale operations with increasingly high volumes of genomic samples. Our technology eliminates refrigeration, reduces footprint, and replaces complex robotic automation with targeted molecular retrieval. We enable researchers in private and public institutions to drive towards new insights and discoveries, ultimately improving health outcomes for all.


Clinical trials, drug discovery, and pharmacogenomic assays require large libraries of RNA, DNA, and other biomolecules. Cache accelerates the time from sample collection to biomarker analysis while unlocking longitudinal and population-level insights at unprecedented scales.


A dedicated team with world-class advisors.

Complementary scientific expertise and visionary leadership.
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James Banal, PhD
James Banal, PhD
Technical Founder
Michael Becich
Michael Becich
Michael Blas
Michael Blas
Research Associate
Lee Organick, PhD
Lee Organick, PhD
Senior Scientist
William Pierce
William Pierce
Director of Automation
Heather Williams, PhD
Heather Williams, PhD
VP of Clinical Genomics & Chief of Staff
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Mark Bathe, PhD
Mark Bathe, PhD
Scientific Founder
Paul Blainey, PhD
Paul Blainey, PhD
Scientific Advisor
George Church, PhD
George Church, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Jeremiah Johnson, PhD
Jeremiah Johnson, PhD
Scientific Advisor


DNA Data Storage Alliance
First In Ventures
Harvard Innovation labs
Illumina Accelerator
MR Interface Fund
Taihill Venture
Petri Bio

Articles & Publications

Research, news, and interviews
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2022.03.16 / Illumina
Illumina Accelerator Invests in Seven Omics Startups
2022.03.14 / Business Wire
Cache Awarded Competitive Grant from the National Science Foundation
2021.10.27 / ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Scalable Nucleic Acid Storage and Retrieval Using Barcoded Microcapsules
2021.06.10 / Nature Materials
Random access DNA memory using Boolean search in an archival file storage system
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